Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation

Home Ownership Assistance Program

The VHCDC Home Ownership Assistance Program (the Program) is a comprehensive initiative to empower first-time homebuyers and help prior homeowners get a second chance at owning a home or condo.  The Program combines a rigorous fifteen (15) hours of instruction with one-on-one credit counseling and pre-purchase advisory services, and exclusive access to a broad network of credentialed, experienced real estate professionals with the expertise and resources to make your transition from renter to homeowner seamless.

The decision to purchase a home is probably one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.  We believe it is not only important you understand the essential steps to achieving your dream, but that you are properly equipped with the tools, resources, and professional expertise to make it a reality.

The Program consists of four (4) components: education, credit and financial counseling, professional services, and post-closing financial assistance.

Education - Program participants will complete the VHCDC First-Time Home Buyers College or the VHCDC First-Time Home Buyers Class.  This fifteen (15) hour, comprehensive course provides a thorough discussion of personal finance and budgeting, credit and collections, mortgage financing options, buyer disclosure requirements, down-payment assistance programs, conducting a housing search, negotiating with sellers, home inspections, contract essentials, home appraisals and assessments, property surveys, title options, insurance, common interest communities, and settlement. You are NOT required to enroll in the Home Ownership Assistance Program to participate in our pre-purchase housing education/training. Pre-purchase education/training may be provided independent of the Program.

Credit/Financial Counseling - Program participants will attend one-on-one counseling with a VHCDC Housing Counselor and meet as required with VHCDC Credit/Financial Counseling Service Partners. During this process, participants will develop a household budget, create a personal financial statement (PFS), secure their tri-bureau credit reports (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) and establish a plan to resolve any discrepancies and negative entries, and develop and implement a long-term savings and investment plan. You are NOT required to enroll in the Home Ownership Assistance Program to receive credit/financial counseling. Counseling may be provided independent of the Program.

Technical Assistance - Program participants will receive comprehensive, priority support to address any questions and concerns, receive assistance and guidance on purchase related decisions, and consultation at various stages of the homebuying process.

Professional Services - Program participants will select from and engage members of our network of real estate professionals to assist with conducting the housing search, negotiating with sellers, home inspections, property surveys, title insurance, homeowners hazard insurance, closing/settlement, and more.  Each professional is selected for their dedication, experience, and expertise assisting first-time homebuyers. You are NOT required to enroll in the Home Ownership Assistance Program to use our in-house professionals.

Post-Closing Financial Assistance - Program participants may receive up to $2,500 post-closing to assist with moving expenses, utility deposits, home security, and minor home improvement costs. Funds are solely to assist with relocation costs, not a cash payment to the home buyer(s). Participants are required to complete the pre-purchase housing education/training and pre-purchase housing counseling to receive Post-Closing Financial Assistance. Participants are also required to utilize VHCDC’s in-house service partners.

The objectives of the VHCDC Home Ownership Assistance Program are to help you to become a homeowner, improve your household finances, and build wealth.  We bring together an army of professionals, tons of resources, and dedicated, caring individuals with one goal in mind – YOURS!.

The Enrollment Fee is $99.95 per household. The fee is Non-Refundable.

Click here to enroll or click here to request pre-purchase housing counseling and rental counseling only.