Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation


I understand the VHCDC Home Owner Assistance Program (the Program) provides comprehensive training and assistance for First-Time and Second-Chance Home Buyers. I understand that services include, but are not limited to, home ownership training, pre-purchase and credit/financial counseling, professional assistance, and post-settlement financial assistance.

I agree to schedule and attend all training, one-on-one counseling, and orientation with Affiliates. I understand that if I am a “No Show” for any previously scheduled appointment and/or do not comply with the requirements of the program I will be WITHDRAWN from the Program and ineligible to receive any financial assistance. I further understand the Enrollment Fee ($99.95) is non-refundable.

I agree to use the services of VHCDC Home Ownership Assistance Program Affiliates to assist me with my purchase. I understand that VHCDC will assign an in-house Buyer’s Agent and Closing/Settlement Agent to help me purchase a home. If I am purchasing a home that I am renting or leasing VHCDC will assign an in-house Real Estate Attorney to represent me with my purchase.

I understand the Program does NOT provide reverse mortgage and foreclosure prevention counseling or assistance.

I agree to work with the VHCDC Financial Advisors and/or Housing Counselor(s) to develop a written Action Plan (the Plan) consisting of recommendations for resolving and improving my credit, improving my finances, and purchasing a home.

I understand the Plan may include referrals to VHCDC Affiliates, service partners, and others, as appropriate, and I agree to cooperate and do my best to resolve any issues identified in the Plan.

I understand that the Program is a two (2) year commitment, as of the date of execution of this Agreement, and I agree to be an active participant during the entire term of this Agreement, understanding I may complete the Program sooner. I agree to notify VHCDC in the event I become unable to comply with the terms of this Agreement. I will give written notice to VHCDC within twenty (20) days of said event.

I understand that enrollment in the Program is not a commitment by any VHCDC Affiliate to approve any application for any product(s) or service(s) provided by such Affiliates. I understand that only the Affiliate(s) can make such commitment, and only upon proper receipt and approval of an Application(s), Contract(s), and Agreement(s) completed and submitted by me. I understand that any commitment(s) must be in writing.

I understand that VHCDC and its Affiliates may provide information on additional housing products and services. I understand that I am under no obligation to purchase or use any of these particular products and services.

I understand that VHCDC actively supports and promotes the creation and operation of hybrid Investment Clubs; conducts activities to acquire, rehabilitate, and sell or rent single and multi-family housing; manages rental housing; and, consults and facilitates various forms of financing for small, disadvantaged businesses. I understand that I am not obligated to receive, purchase or utilize any other services offered by VHCDC, its affiliates, or exclusive partners, in order to receive housing counseling services.

The Enrollment Fee is $99.95 per household.  The fee is Non-Refundable.