Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation


Our rigorous focus on community and economic development allows us to identify and present solutions to critical issues of major importance to individuals, homeowners, renters, and small business owners.

Home Ownership Assistance Program - VHCDC’s First-Time Home Buyer Education Program (the Program) is our initiative to empower first-time home buyers and help prior homeowners get a second chance at owning a home or condo.  As a client, you’ll access a dedicated team of professionals with the expertise and resources to move you from renter to home owner.  The program is especially helpful to individuals and families that have been negatively impacted by low credit ratings (FICO scores), or have lost a home due to foreclosure or a short-sale.

Our services include credit and financial counseling, first-time home buyer education, transition assistance (up to $2,500), and purchase assistance through out network of professional service providers.  The Enrollment Fee is $99.95 per household.  Click here to enroll and get started or Contact Us for pre-purchase and rental housing counseling only.

Investment Clubs - Investment clubs are a great tool for wealth-building. Monthly meetings provide excellent opportunities for learning about investing and the markets, strengthening business financial acumen, and building strong, long-lasting friendships and peer-networks. Additionally, these groups can be a valuable resource for local startups seeking a micro-loan or micro-equity investment.

VHCDC provides technical assistance and resources to foster the growth of hybrid investment clubs throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We're helping individuals, particularly entrepreneurs and small business owners, create general partnerships that facilitate wealth building and the flow of capital to local entrepreneurs.

Lease Purchase Program - Our Lease Purchase Program is unlike anything available to prospective home buyers. The process is easy, and built on flexibility, choice, and transparency.  It is designed to get you into a home, even if you aren’t ready or able to purchase it right now.

You have the ability to choose a qualifying home listed for sale and rent it for up to 5 years, with the exclusive Right to Purchase. The Lease and Right to Purchase amounts are provided up front, before signing the lease. After closing, your Property Management Company becomes your point of contact. They handle monthly rent and utility payments, maintenance requests, and everything in between. Whether you exercise your Right to Purchase, renew your lease, or move out, VHCDC will be there to help you on your path to homeownership.

Enrollment in the Lease Purchase Program costs just $99.95 per household. Click here for more information or Contact Us now to get started!

Virginia Individual Development Account Program (VIDA) - The Virginia Individual Development Accounts (VIDA) program helps qualified individuals save for a down payment on a home. Eligible participants receive training, support and match funding on their savings. The current match rate is $8 for every $1 the participant saves, up to $4,000 in match. VHCDC offers the VIDA program in conjunction with its Home Ownership Assistance Program, where participants must complete twelve (12) hours of housing education and a minimum of two (2) hours of credit and financial counseling, among other requirements.

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